Where Artists Rise " That's So Random" 2015

August 2, 2015


This evening at the Where Artists Rise Second Annual Art Exhibit titled " That's so Random" the art industry was introduced to more amazing artists the second time around. Each holding their own original style and pizazz. From Abstract, to Photo Realism, to Pop Art and Sculptures these artist came through the gates with something to prove. Ladies and gentlemen introducing the featured artists of W.A.R. 2015.



A.Boogie (@whoisaboogie), a self- taught graffiti artist, taught himself how to be a pop artist. His style is unique and precise. He delivers clean lines and photorealism pop expression. Think Chuck Close with a dash of Warhol and a pinch of Lichtenstein. His pieces always draw a lot of attention and many people assume that they are printed pieces until they come close and see that each piece is filled with unrealistic detail and love.





Jakob Hostetter (@openeverysense) an artist who brings abstract mixed media art to another level with his ability to bring movement and static chaos to his works. Jakob works on all kinds of scales from prints to large tryptics. He mixes scifi with text print and brings everything to a new celestial platform.



Jakob Michael Balmes (@jmbworkspace) is an abstract artist that is a modern day Picasso. With his signature red,black and white lines that are organic and blend into these beautiful abstract pieces that he title’s untitled or airport art. His pieces are subtle yet strong in sense.



ANRK (@anrk) is a little  pop and a little rock n roll, this little blend of personalities helps bring that interesting light and perspective to the POV Anrk wants to introduce you to his  political pieces. His experience as an army veteran helps him paint vivid images of war, chaos and death, consumer conformism and just human decaying habits.



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