Where Artist Rise 2014: "Product of Our Environment"

August 3, 2014




On August 3, 2014 Desi Adorn debuted the first Where Artists Rise art show aka W.A.R. show with fellow artist ANRK at Elk Studios located in Chelsea area of New York City. The first theme “Product of Our Environment” 2014 was a hard and difficult one but due to the different backgrounds for both artists it was a fitting one.




         Desi Adorn, a Bronx born and raised Latina who grew up in a tough neighborhood in the 80’s filled with violence and drugs deemed it important to her life goals to not become a statistic. This led Desi Adorn to be good in school and focus on career and education. She got her Fine Art degree specializing in Photography at Herbert Lehman College and by the time she turned 21 she was running her own freelance businesses which led to the first W.A.R. Show many years later. A new artists platform That not only funded full exhibitions for underground artists but also taught them how to invest in themselves so every contact is an important one to build a larger network. Every artist that has been chosen to participate in this show will be forever in the Where Artists Rise family and get full dibs in being chosen to the following years theme.


     ANRK, a New Jersey born Latino who as a young adult he would doodle here and there but it wasn’t until after he game back from his tours in Afghanistan did he not realize how important art would become to him. ANRK realized he was having a hard time dealing and adapting back into the regular world after his tours and he was diagnosed with PTSD and he was recommended to seek art therapy. He took the advice seriously and he was opened to a wonderful cathartic method.


     What is beautiful of what ANRK pieces represent is that each of his political satires strongly show that society engulfs themselves in luxuries and unnecessary possessions that just lead to nothing but death, debt and destruction. But the worst part of it is, it’s not his depiction of that catastrophic reality, but the fact that we know it, and can’t stop the monster that American culture has become. As a soldier who has fought and still fights for our freedoms he has to sometimes question what was it all for? Especially when you have seen things be so much worse.

    What happened that evening was that Desi Adorn realized underground artists were not only hungry to be seen, but to also be heard. So many things to bring up in this day of age and the artists of today need to be in the textbooks of tomorrow to pave the way for what will be our future. On the way out the attendees were given a gift bag on top of the hors d’oeuvres from Brick House Pantry and drinks served by Vodkila Spirits. To leave with a big bag of brand goodies from W.A.R. and the artists it was a great turn out and a statement to what will be yet to come from W.A.R.

 Thank you to @whoisaboogie & @lasfineart for creating the limited edition for the first debut posters.


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